Awesome autumnal activities for your children to enjoy

Autumn is officially here. Leaves are falling, the scent of pumpkin and spice is in the air; it’s the perfect time of year to get the kids outdoors and discovering what this beautiful season can offer. Don’t let the wind put you off – with these cool fall-themed activities, there’s something for every child to enjoy!

Apple bobbing

Apple bobbing

Apples are in season, and playing with water is a wonderful sensory activity for kids. And not only is apple bobbing a lot of fun, it also helps children to improve their balance, coordination and control. Grab a bucket and why not try our Apple Bobbing activity!

Make a bug pooter

Pug Pooter

Autumn doesn’t only mean falling leaves – it also means lots of new and exciting insects to discover in your garden! Bug pooters help children look closely at all of the weird and wonderful minibeasts without touching or harming them. As well as learning about nature, it’s a wonderful way for kids to practise observation, communication and fine motor skills. Visit our Bug Pooter activity page to find out more.

Make a kite

Fall is famous for its blustering winds! Why not encourage your children to make and fly their own kite? By combining indoor and outdoor play, this activity will encourage kids to think about the weather as they learn to spot the perfect kite-flying conditions. Why not give it a go using our Make a Kite guide?

Animal spotting

Encourage your kids to head outdoors to check out all of the great species Autumn has to offer. Children can spot different wildlife – the countryside or a local park, for example, or even your own garden. Get some inspiration from our Animal Spotting activity!