Hokey Cokey

Hokey Cokey

Kids love to join in with this classic party song! As well as lots of fun and exercise, it’s a great way for them to put their memory, coordination and listening skills to the test, too.

Make Fruit Animals

Fruit animals

Making fruit animals is a great way for children to have fun with their food. They’ll get to explore their creativity whilst making and enjoying their own nutritious, tasty snacks.

Two Truths and a Lie - main image

Two truths and a lie

‘Two truths and a lie’ is a great way to entertain each other on a journey or at the dinner table. It supports children’s communication skills and helps them to learn more about each other too.

How to make a paper plane - main image

How to make a paper plane!

What can be more satisfying than making something with your own hands and watching it fly? Try folding a couple of different designs and see which one flies the furthest. Kids will love experimenting and trying to make the best design. They won’t even realise they’re teaching themselves a little bit of aeronautical science, like gravity, thrust, drag and lift!

I'm thinking of an Animal - Main Image

I’m thinking of an animal

This animal‐themed guessing game supports children’s cognitive development and helps them to explore their vocabulary. Little ones will love choosing their favourite animals and guessing what their friends have chosen. An ideal activity for lazy days and car journeys!

Dress-Up Relay

Dress‐up relay

A racing game with a twist. This fun activity allows children to run off some energy and dress up at the same time!

Doodle Game - Main Image

Doodle game

A fun game that encourages creativity, imagination and teamwork. Children will love the freedom of doodling and the end results are sure to cause some chuckles!

Bug Hotel

Bug hotel

Green fingers to the ready! This activity is all about engaging with nature as your kids work to create a cosy garden home for all their bug buddies. Create the ‘hotel’ indoors and then head outdoors to find your hotel’s perfect location!

Heads, shoulders, knees and toes

Head, shoulders, knees and toes

This activity is great for helping kids identify and label parts of the body. It’s also a fun way to develop listening skills, gross motor skills and coordination.

Hopping Chicken

Hopping chicken

Hopping chicken is a traditional Chinese game of speed, balance and determination. It proves popular with kids of all ages, and can be enjoyed outside in the garden or inside on a rainy day!

Fingerprint Animals 1

Fingerprint animals

Little ones never tire of getting the paints out! This creative activity allows children to express themselves with colour and detail as they make their favourite animals using their fingerprints!

Musical Chairs

Musical chairs

This classic game combines party music with exercise and some competitive spirit. It’s lots of fun for all ages, too!

Fortunately, Unfortunately

Fortunately, unfortunately

This creative storytelling activity stretches children’s imaginations, as well as their vocabulary. They can play this game anywhere and make it as short or as long as they like – perfect for travelling or lazy days.

Still Life

Still life

Still Life is the art of drawing inanimate objects, rather than people or landscapes. Kids will enjoy creating the perfect composition for their picture, just as much as bringing it to life on the page. They will learn about spatial arrangement, perspective, proportion, shade and colour.

Write a poem

Write a poem

Poetry is a brilliant outlet for a child’s imagination! This activity develops literacy skills and encourages your child’s freedom of expression as they experiment with new words and literary techniques. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to get a glimpse into their inner thoughts and feelings, too!

Travel Bingo

Travel bingo

Travel bingo is a great game for passing the time. Kids will need to pay close attention to their surroundings and use their concentration to spot the items on their grid. This activity requires just a small amount of preparation before setting off on your journey.

Word Association Game

Word association game

This quick-fire game develops kids’ language and literacy skills by encouraging them to think logically and creatively to make a chain of associated words. It’s perfect for long car journeys and is sure to highlight the competitive members of the family!

Would you rather?

Would you rather?

This activity is all about critical thinking! Kids will learn to hone their decision-making skills as they face quirky scenarios, use reasoning to make decisions and give reasons to back up their choices. The best part? The scenarios can be as silly as you like!


Daisy chains

Making daisy chains is a great activity for sunny days in the garden, park or countryside. A therapeutic exercise, kids will have lots of fun as they develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

How to make slime

How to make slime

Ever wondered how to make slime? It makes for a fun science experiment and is an absolute winner among kids — and adults, for that matter! Kids will develop both their cognitive and motor skills as they learn to mix the correct quantities of ingredients and explore their slimy creation!

Put on a performance

Put on a performance

Getting your kids to spend time in the spotlight will help them develop skills that’ll boost their confidence in other areas of life. When kids are given the opportunity to be the centre of attention they shine in unexpected ways –– sit back and watch them sparkle.

Make a pen pal

Make a pen pal

Having a pen pal will help your child to develop friendships, express themselves and build an appreciation for the written word. Regularly writing letters is also a fun way for them to improve their literacy skills and hand-eye coordination. They’ll love receiving their pen pal’s reply in the post!

Painting Eggs

Painting eggs

This activity is a fun and simple craft project with striking results. Not only can the eggs be used as Easter decorations, but for Christmas ornaments and party decorations, too. This is a very creative activity but also teaches kids control, as they’ll have to be careful not to squash the eggs when they decorate them!

Shadow Puppets

Shadow puppets

This activity ignites the imagination as you create shadow characters with your hands. It teaches kids about shadows and light direction. Bring your characters to life with movement and tell a story. Have fun by giving your shadow puppets funny voices, or making them have a fight or a kiss.

Start a Newsletter

Start a newsletter

This activity is great for post-holiday boredom or an end of month/year review. Kids can have fun reliving their adventures and sharing them with others in the form of a newsletter. Your kids will be honing their design and language skills, as well as creating a piece of family memorabilia. Include guest articles from other members of your household and get everyone involved!

How to make playdough

How to make playdough

Do you know how to make playdough at home? It’s cheap easy and a fail-safe way to have fun! You can customise it with different colours, glitter or even smells for a more sensory experience. Playdough is so versatile, it can be used for different learning experiences –– and never gets boring!

Pebble People

Pebble people

Create your own funny little gang out of stones! Watch kids get creative as they take simple stones and turn them into their own quirky characters. They can even add googly eyes to really bring their pebble people to life. Plus, the fun isn’t just in the decorating, but hunting for the perfect pebble, too.

Musical Statues

Musical statues

Musical Statues is a popular party game which can be played anywhere and takes less than a minute to set up. Children get to put their listening and balance skills to the test, as well as their reflexes and dance moves!

Spelling Bee

Spelling bee

Test your child’s literacy skills with this brilliant spelling bee activity. Not only will it broaden kids’ vocabulary and improve spelling, it’s also a great confidence-builder as kids learn to practice using new words aloud. The only question is, are your spelling skills up to scratch?!

Start a travel diary

Make writing a regular part of your kids’ routine with a travel diary. Diary-keeping improves kids’ handwriting and language skills and gives them the chance to put their feelings, thoughts and experiences onto paper. Not only is it a great mindfulness exercise –– it makes for a fun keepsake to read years later!