Real Play City Challenge

Real Play City


Real Play Coalition and PlacemakingX are proud to announce the Real Play City Challenge to reclaim places in...

The global play gap and what it means for our children’s futures


This week, we have been featured on the World Economic Forum's blog, where key figures from our partner...

Joyful play | Our favourite activities this month


J is for January, but J is also for JOY! At Real Play Coalition, we believe that play...

Value of Play Report

Value of Play Report


The erosion of play has become a silent emergency across the world. Changes in our society, our communities...

Awesome autumnal activities for your children to enjoy


Autumn is officially here. Leaves are falling, the scent of pumpkin and spice is in the air; it’s...

Aaron and Hawkeye Play Made Me This Way video series

Watch the first video of our series #PlayMadeMeThisWay


To celebrate the invaluable marks play leaves on our lives, National Geographic will be producing a fascinating series...

Global Month of Play Real Play Coalition

Real Play Coalition announce
Global Month of Play


In 2018 IKEA, The LEGO Foundation and National Geographic joined forces as the Real Play Coalition with a...

You can now print Einstein’s childhood toys for free!


We all worry about the amount of time that kids spend on screens. To raise awareness of the...

Play increases work skills

Children ‘need to play
more to gain work skills’


Children will lack the workplace skills needed for their future because they don’t spend enough time playing, says...