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Real Play Coalition Reclaiming Play In Cities Report

Reclaiming Play
in Cities Report

At the Real Play Coalition, we truly believe in the power of play. We see a child’s time to play, access to play facilitation, environment for play and the broader supportive ecosystem that support play as a critical resource for children and their skills development. The Reclaiming Play in Cities Reportlaunched at the 10th World Urban Forum, reviews the evidence around learning through play and the impact that city and urban environments have on children’s access to play and ultimately, their overall development.

This also unveils a first-of-its-kind Urban Play Framework. This framework provides a method to understand how various urban systems impact a child’s learning through play experience, ultimately influencing their skills development and ability to thrive and reach their full potential.

You can download the Reclaiming Play in Cities Report by clicking the button, below: