Joyful play | Our favourite activities this month

J is for January, but J is also for JOY! At Real Play Coalition, we believe that play should be joyful. Joyful play can really help foster amazing skills development in children, from deep learning to higher-order thinking. This month, we're focusing on what play activities that spark the most joy. Here are some of our January favourites, all free to download and explore straight from our site.

Riddles and tongue twisters

Riddles And Tongue Twisters

Let the silliness ensue with this great on-the-go activity that teaches children to spot language quirks and practise their speech skills. What’s great about this activity is that there’s no wrong method – kids are simply encouraged to have fun with it! Expect lots of laughter with this riddles and tongue twisters activity!

Obstacle course

Obstacle Course

An activity that’s both fun in set-up and in play, building an obstacle course outside is a great way for your children to get creative, active and, well, maybe a bit messy, too! Household items can be used for this fun activity, from cardboard boxes to cushions, pots and pans to chairs! Why not give it a go? Obstacle course activity.

Radio DJ

Radio DJ

Give your kids a chance to take over the family playlist – with a twist! Kids will become your very own resident DJ, complete with song selection, announcements, ‘dial-in’ interviews and more! This activity will test their social and communication skills while having a blast at the same time with our Radio DJ activity!



It’s a tried and tested classic, and simple to boot, but the joy and laughter that Snap creates is undeniable. It’s a simple matching game full of excitement, and will test your children’s reactions and reflexes. Grab a pack of cards and give it a go – or better yet, why not encourage your kids to make their own pack of cards with paired illustrations? How to play snap.